Not what we've earned

In today’s first reading, Naaman has leprosy. Short of a miracle there’s no cure for leprosy. Which is why he gets sent to Elisha the prophet. Naaman needs a miracle.

Naaman knows miracles don’t come easy. That’s why he’s ready to pay for it. With lots of money. Or by doing something extreme. Or both.

He’s ready for Elisha to tell him to do something extreme. He’ll make the heroic sacrifice. So that God will owe it to him to heal him.

And he’s brought his people with him to witness his moment of awesome. He’s booked on the talk shows for next week. They’re ready to livestream it on Facebook.

Facebook live.png

But when Naaman finds out what he needs to do to be healed, he’s mad. The cure is too easy. Naaman’s not going to get his moment of awesome. Which is what he really wanted. Even more than a cure.

And that’s exactly why God made it easy. So there would be no doubt that Naaman had earned nothing. That God was giving him a gift.

Which is exactly how God works with you and me.

Not by paying us what we’ve earned, but by giving us what we need.

Today’s readings.