The same new Creed

If you missed the First Scrutiny last Sunday, you missed an honest-to-goodness (minor) exorcism in church. It’s okay. There’s another one this Sunday.

But you also missed the Church make a big deal out of something that we usually take for granted.

Apart from a few special things like the Scrutinies, most of RCIA takes place outside of Mass. The big exception? Dismissal, where the catechumens/elect are sent out to reflect more deeply on the readings.

Besides missing the Eucharist, the catechumens/elect also miss the Creed. It’s something we say every Sunday. Probably the last time we even thought about it was when the new Missal came out - until we learned the new version.

Which is one of the great things about having RCIA stuff in church. It gives us a chance to rediscover the things we take for granted.

Things you take for granted.png

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s readings.