Walking in the woods as a boy, I found a box turtle upside down at the bottom of a hill.

The turtle had lost its footing, rolled down the hill, and landed just wrong. I watched it stretch and flail wildly for a moment. Until I realized that it didn't matter what that turtle did. It was stuck.

When I reached down to flip it over, the turtle hissed. And then snapped at me.

Box turtle.png

I flipped it over anyway.

Today's Gospel is John 3:16, with context.

That context shows us that - by ourselves - you and I are just like that turtle. We can stretch and flail all we want. But it really doesn't matter what we do. By ourselves, we're stuck.

Just like that turtle, most of us would rather hiss and snap at the help that's offered. Instead of graciously accepting what we desperately need.

Which makes the love behind the help God offers all the more amazing.

May God grant us the grace to be smarter than a box turtle.

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