A Moment before the 3rd Sunday of Easter

Easter is the peak of a sweeping narrative. With two months of preparation and focus leading up to it. Everything about Easter is larger than life.

Last Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday, is larger than life as well. It kind of has to be. Because it shows us Easter from God’s perspective.

This Sunday? We get the aftermath of the Resurrection. It’s kind of the opposite of larger than life.

The readings show us the impact of the Resurrection. On both the larger culture, and those closest to Jesus. 

For those closest to Jesus? There’s the endless patience of Jesus. Amazing moments, with the Second Person of the Trinity gently helping people understand just what has happened. 

For those responsible for the death of Jesus? There’s something even more amazing. Forgiveness. 

This Sunday shows us Easter from a human perspective. And it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. 

Crucifixion silhouette.png