I have a friend who likes gambling. Actually, he doesn't just like gambling. He like likes gambling.

Thing is, he's terrible at it. Really, it’s not gambling as much as it is funding the casino.

If you ask him, he'll tell you that you can't beat the house. Because the deck is stacked against you.

You Lose.png

That's the way a lot of things in life can feel. Like you just can’t win. Because things are stacked against you.

Which can make it hard for us to really buy into today’s Gospel.

Jesus says “I will not reject anyone who comes to me.”



Our response? Almost automatically we slide into “But you don’t know…” And then go off on whatever it is we don’t like about ourselves.

Like we’re afraid to be part of that “anyone.” Because we’re so used to having things stacked against us.

But that’s our problem. Not God’s.

It’s time for us to get over ourselves. To realize how much God loves each one of us. And that no matter how we see ourselves, there will always be one relationship where the deck is stacked in our favor.

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