During his public ministry, Jesus told people that He was going to suffer. That He was going to die. And that He would rise from the dead.

Over and over.

Easter Sunday morning finds two of Jesus’ disciples. Not hanging on Mary Magdalene’s every word. Not running to the tomb with Peter and John.

But walking away.

They heard His every word. They were with Him every step of the way. Then they saw everything go horribly wrong. So they’re walking away.

It wasn’t what they were expecting. And because it wasn’t what they were expecting, they missed the miracle of His resurrection. Because they’re walking away.

This is Jesus’ moment of triumph. And they missed it.

If we had any doubt about the depth of Jesus’ love, what He does next says everything. In His moment of triumph, He walks with them.

He meets them where they are. Calls them back to be with Him. And makes Himself known to them in the breaking of the bread.

The same way that He meets us where we are. Calls us back to be with Him. And makes Himself known to us in the breaking of the bread.

Even when we’re walking away.

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