Right now

In the week after Easter, the readings show us the reactions to the Resurrection. And they’re all over the place. Even though Jesus had told them this would happen. A lot.

Only Mary Magdalene is even close to getting it.

Mary Magdalene.png

For everyone else, confusion reigns. Some of them give up and leave town. Others just hide in fear.

The only constant? Jesus. And His response to their confusion.

Over and over, Jesus comes to them. He doesn’t wait for them to get it right. Jesus meets them where they are.

Which tells us everything about Jesus.

That even if we’re hiding, He won’t hide from us. Even if we give up, He won’t give up on us.

And that Jesus has no patience to wait for us to get it right. He loves us so much that He’ll meet us where we are. Right now.

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings