One of the most amazing things to see is joy.

I don’t know whether we just get good at hiding it as we get older. Or if we don’t have that much of it. But it’s not something we see a lot as adults.

Kids, on the other hand? They seem to have a lot of it. And they don’t bother to hide it.

I have a friend who teaches kindergarten. She’ll tell you that seeing the joy of the kids talking about whatever it is they’re sharing – and seeing the joy in other kids’ reactions – it’s why she has very specific rules for what they can bring. And why she puts up with the chaos of show-and-tell.


Today’s Gospel gives away the secret of the Church.

The Church is a chaotic mess. And at the same moment, the Church has very specific rules. But neither the chaos, nor the rules, are what the Church is really about.

Both of them - the chaos and the rules - are in service of something much greater.

It’s the Church’s way of setting you up. The Church is setting you up for the secret behind the chaos and the rules. For the point of every prayer. And every sacrament.

Sharing completely in the joy of the One who loves you best.

When you do, don’t bother to hide it.

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