On or off

It’s easy to fall into “all-or-nothing” thinking. Of seeing things as either one thing. Or another.

Of treating everything like a light switch. Either it’s on. Or it’s off.

Light switch.png

Most of us do it as a matter of habit. We treat that “either-or” thinking like it was a universal truth - if you like this thing, then you must automatically hate some other thing.

We even do it to people. Usually without really thinking about it, we act like “if you’re not for us, then you’re against us.”

Jesus turns that way of thinking upside down. Instead of over-simplifying things (and people), our Maker understands that not everything or everyone is quite so “black-and-white.”

Jesus comes at it this way - “whoever is not against us is for us.”

Asking us to look at things (and people) not in terms of what isn’t right, but in terms of what is right. Not to ignore what is truly wrong. But calling us to make common cause with what is right.

Seeking out the good. Even if it’s less than perfect.

Jesus is calling us to see each other the way that He sees each of us.

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