The Church’s calendar is full of special days and focused seasons. And we just finished the biggest one, Easter. And now? The calendar says we’re in Ordinary Time. 

But last Sunday (Trinity) and this Sunday (Corpus Christi) are definitely special days.

The color isn’t green. There are special readings, and (for Corpus Christi) a procession. It just doesn’t really feel like Ordinary Time.

Corpus Christi procession.png

Because there was so much going on during Easter, it’s easy to miss the deeper meaning of things.

The first two Sundays after Pentecost – Trinity and Corpus Christi - are devoted to some of those things. 

It’s a little almost-season that really should have a name. Maybe “Stuff You Missed During Triduum,” or “So That’s What That Means,” or maybe just “Explanationtide.”

More on the Second Sunday in Explanationtide tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings