You hear it a lot.


It signals that something doesn’t matter. That it’s unimportant.


It misses the mark.

Because what you and I do matters. Sometimes the smallest thing - a little help, a kind word - something that seems unimportant in the moment. Can make all the difference.

But it’s not just what we do. It’s how we do it.

The first time I helped with dinner at the homeless shelter, I worked the serving line with the guy who made the stew. As people came through the line, he told them about how he made what he was dishing up. And asked what they thought about it.


The way he went on about it, you would have thought it was an old family recipe. Their old family recipe.

A few of them smiled, one or two mumbled something. Mostly, their faces were blank.

About 10 minutes later, they started coming back. Some for seconds. But a lot of them, to tell him what they thought about the stew.

Or about something their grandma used to make. Or how bad the food was in Stateville. It was amazing to see those blank faces light up.

Because someone wanted to hear what they had to say. Someone treated them like people.

It’s not just what we do. It’s how we do it. And it’s what today’s Gospel is all about.

Today’s Readings