Life's heartaches

One of the great misunderstandings that people have about Christianity is the idea that it gets you out of the problems of life.

Almost an unspoken assumption that if you are a Christian, bad things will not happen to you.

As if God were some sort of divine vending machine. Insert prayer, avoid the heartaches of life. Go to Mass, get all of your problems miraculously solved.

Vending machine.png

I’m not sure where that idea comes from. Wherever it came from, it doesn’t come from the Bible. Or lived experience.

Think of the lives of the great saints. Not the ones with churches named after them. The ones you know personally.

Their lives are almost the reverse of that unspoken assumption. For them, life’s heartaches are a call to prayer. And life’s problems are an occasion of God’s grace.

Not because everything magically is easy for them. Or because nothing bad ever happens to them.

But because they know Who to turn to when life’s worst hits home.

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