They never gave up

Sunday is the Nativity of John the Baptist.

To understand John, we’ve got to meet John's parents Zechariah and Elizabeth. 

They aren't just nice people. They're saints (literally).

They've been trying for years to have a child. With no success. 

Zechariah despairs. Elizabeth blames herself. They've just about given up on ever having a child.

They’re hurting. Like every other couple whose hearts have been broken by infertility. This isn’t how they ever thought it would be.

Not pregnant.png

The verses leading up to Sunday’s Gospel show us the dynamic between Elizabeth and Zechariah. So quietly that it's easy to miss.

But their lives together are one of the most powerful examples of lived faith in the Bible. During those barren years that turned into barren decades, when infertility weighed on them like a stone, they didn't blame. And they never gave up on each other.

Or God.

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings