A Moment before the Nativity of John the Baptist

The birth of John the Baptist is loaded with amazing things.

You’ve got a couple who can’t have children. Who get told by an angel that they will. The never-thought-he’d-be-a-father husband loses his voice because he doesn’t believe. And doesn’t get it back until he announces the name given to the child by the angel.

With all the amazing stuff going on, it’s easy to miss what’s really going on here. It’s something that happened, and is happening, to each of us.

Whether we know it or not, God is calling each of us. And has been, from before we were born.

Not in some generic, “open to the public” sort of way.

Open to the public.png

God is calling each of us individually. Personally. By name.

That’s why John isn’t called Zechariah. To drive home the point. That no matter how we came into this world, none of our births were here-we-go-again moments.

Not for God.

God has been calling you since before you were born. God is calling you now.

No matter what you think you’ve done. Or how unlovable you think you are. The heart of God is waiting for you.

So what are you waiting for?

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