False prophets

“Why do you want to be a deacon?”

It wasn’t a friendly question. The old priest who was asking had piercing eyes. Like he was looking for something. Something he didn’t like.

Before I could answer, he went off. It started something like this:

“The last thing the Church needs is another…”

And he went on, for what seemed like forever. Describing every way that a deacon, a priest, or a bishop can go wrong. Big and little. From the scandals that rock the Church, to the little things that make someone quietly turn away.

Ruined church.png

All of the ways to be exactly what Jesus is warning us about when He tells us to “beware of false prophets.”

But it’s not just a warning about clergy who have gone wrong.

It’s also a call. A call to you, to keep your clergy close to your hearts. To protect us from becoming false prophets.

By holding us up in prayer, and by holding us accountable.

Because the last thing the Church needs is another…

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