How God works

When bad things happen, it's tempting to ignore them. But sometimes they hit so close to home that we just can't. 

Then we try to figure things out. To explain things. To make ourselves feel better. By blaming something or someone. 

We'll blame circumstances, blame society, blame the victim, blame God. Sometimes we'll even blame ourselves. 


Because life’s tragedies just feel wrong to us.

And God lets us know that our feelings are right. That this isn't the way it was meant to be. Which sounds like the wind-up to some first-class finger-pointing from the Almighty.

But that's not how God works. 

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus doesn't bother to sort out who did what. Or to assign blame.

He goes right to heart of the tragedy. And helps.

That's how God works.

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings