Doing it wrong

All that prophets in the Bible do is tell people what’s going to happen. If they don’t change. How it’s all going to work out. If they just keep doing what they’re doing.

If that’s all that prophets do, then why do people get so upset about it?

Because most of us like what we’re doing. Even if we really haven’t thought through the consequences. And the last thing we want is someone telling us that we’re doing it wrong.

Doing it wrong.png

Even if we are doing it wrong.

We don’t want to admit that we’re doing it wrong. Because if we admit we’re doing it wrong, then we have no excuse not to change. And we really don’t want to change.

Even if not changing is hurting us.

We would rather get rid of the prophet, the one reminding us of how far we’ve strayed from God’s best. And how badly we need to change.

If we can get rid of the messenger, then we don’t have to worry about the message.

It’s a great way of dealing with future problems. Until it isn’t.

More on this tomorrow.

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