Just in case God can’t handle things

A Moment before the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

I like to be prepared. I want to know how it’s going end up before I even start. I want to have a backup plan.

I want to be ready for what’s supposed to happen. And what’s not supposed to happen, but still could.

In high school, I was voted “Most Likely To Have Jumper Cables.”

Jumper Cables.png

Even before I had a car.

It’s just how I am. Which is why I really struggle with Sunday’s Gospel.

Jesus sends the Apostles out. And Jesus specifically tells them not to bring anything. Not food. Not money. Not even a backpack or a coat.

Jesus is telling them to forget about all the stuff that even a complete beginner would take. Much less a seasoned planner.

Because Jesus is trying to make a point.

With God, we don’t need a backup plan. We don’t need to be prepared. Just in case God can’t handle things.

God’s got this.

Sunday’s Readings