Shameless love

Earlier this year, I went to a parish in St. Louis that specializes in the Extraordinary Form. To see how they did a High Mass in Latin. It was the full deal. Gregorian chant. Smells and bells. And a platoon of altar boys. 

When I told a friend about it, I got a 5-minute rant about how they were stuck in 1583. That they needed to get with the times. To him, the fact that they weren't excommunicated was one of the biggest mistakes of Benedict XVI's papacy.

I was stunned by the reaction.

It came from a deeply spiritual man. A guy known for living the faith. A regular communicant. At a parish proudly stuck in 1983.

But if I'd asked the people at Latin Mass about his parish, I probably would have heard their version of his rant. 

Which got me thinking about what they had in common.

The One who shamelessly died for all of our sins.

He is so shameless in His love for us that if it takes 1583 (or 1983) to reach us, He'll go there.

He loves us that much.

Christ on the Cross.png