Something to show for it

There are things that you and I have down. Stone cold.

Not just stuff related to our trades and professions. But things from our hobbies, and life skills we’ve picked up along the way.

All of the things that you and I have mastered. And have something to show for it.

Whether it’s a job using those skills, a bike with a frame that we welded from stock tubing, or a prize-winning pie.

Prize-winning pie.png

Nothing grinds our gears more than someone who’s never done that stuff telling us how we’re doing it wrong.

It comes across like a 3rd grader correcting a doctor. Because we don’t need their help.

It’s not that we’re perfect. Or have no room to improve.

It’s just that we’ve invested a lot of ourselves into building those skills. And we’d like a little respect (maybe even a lot) for that investment, for what we’re able to do.

Which begs a question. If that bothers us so much when we’re on the receiving end, then why is it so easy for us to turn around and do that very same thing to God?

But we do. All the time. Whenever we substitute our own wisdom for the wisdom of God.

And when we’re doing it to God, it’s not even up to the level of a 3rd grader correcting a doctor.

Truth is, God is completely capable of being God.

Even without our help.

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