All the ways it can go wrong

You’ve finally got it all figured out.

You know what you’re going to do. For something that really matters to you. Whether it’s school, work, vocation, marriage, moving, or something else, it’s going to be the next big thing in your life. 

So you start to tell people about your plans. To get support and (hopefully) some perspective and practical wisdom. From people who have been there.

Then it happens. 

Someone who knows all the ways it can all go horribly wrong. Who has zero interest in actually helping you deal with any of them. And who is just a little too eager share their “wisdom” with you.

Who knew Murphy’s Law had a prophet?

Murphys law.png

That’s not how God does things. 

The readings for Sunday show us how God does things.

The first reading shows us a serious problem. But it also shows us God’s plan to deal with it.

And the Gospel?

More on this tomorrow. 

Sunday’s Readings