Have you ever felt stuck?

Like you were always in someone else’s shadow, with expectations that had been dumped on you? Knowing that you would never hear the end of it, if you didn’t live up to some impossible standard?

It might have been parents or grandparents that set things in motion. Or an overbearing, overly-wonderful sibling. Or maybe it was just the dynamic in your family.

Wherever it comes from, once you’ve been hit with that kind of stuck, it’s like nothing you do will ever be good enough.


Elisha, the prophet in Sunday’s first reading, is stuck.

Elisha was trained by Elijah. And Elijah? Elijah was nothing short of the greatest prophet of his time. And pretty much all time.

Elijah was amazing. So amazing that after naming Elisha as his successor - instead of dying (like the rest of us) - God took Elijah into heaven in a chariot of fire. 

Leaving Elisha behind.

To face everyone’s expectations. To see if Elisha was good enough.

The second-guessing starts almost immediately.

Elisha is stuck.

More on this tomorrow.

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