A Moment before the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Perspective matters.

We’ve all heard that a thousand times. Easily. Usually in the form of some version of the classic glass half empty/glass half full thing.

Half empty half full.png

It’s an illustration that’s over-used. So much so, that it’s more of a source for jokes and memes. Than the basis for any kind of insight or clarity.

Even though that example may be worn out, the truth is still the truth. Perspective matters.

In both the first reading and the Gospel for Sunday, we see a head-on collision. Of perspectives.

We’ve got a very human perspective. Couched in the form of a question. A very sensible question that any of us would ask.

But with who that question is directed at, it’s a question that shows the limits of that perspective.

In both readings, we see that limited perspective crash head-on into a very different perspective. God’s.

The contrast between the two is stark.

And the importance of which perspective we adopt could not matter more.

Sunday’s Readings