Even if it's not perfect

Sunday’s first reading reveals the people you would think would be closest to God - as rejecting God. It seems contradictory. But it’s true.

And way too familiar. If we’re honest about our own relationship with God.

Why would do that? Why would we reject the One who loves us, the One who wants only the best for us?

Because we’ve fallen for one of the great lies of our age – “either-or” thinking.

The way we do it, we’re kind of “all-or-nothing” about it. We assume that if you love something, then you hate whatever is supposed to be its opposite.

It’s an approach that makes no sense. Because contradicts our lived experience. And our own personalities.

I ride my bicycle to work in good weather. Because of that, some people assume I hate cars. Truth is, I’m also restoring a 50-year old car (as I can afford the parts).

All of us struggle to live and love God’s way.

That struggle makes it easy to get frustrated. Especially when we get it wrong. Or when we think about what God is calling us to, and how far we really are from God’s best.

And that’s where “either-or” thinking really hurts us.

We can’t get it right, so we reject the whole thing. With our actions loudly proclaiming that since we can’t do it perfectly, we won’t even try.

I know Im not perfect.png

Which would be laughable, if it wasn’t so tragic. Truth is, we were never meant to do it perfectly. Because we can’t. Not on our own.

The way we were meant to do it? With God. And as best we can.

Even if it’s not perfect.

More on this tomorrow.

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