The worst

Think of the worst thing you’ve ever done.

Not worst on a scale from zero to mass murder. But worst in terms of how it weighs on your heart. The most shameful thing you’ve ever done. Your greatest regret.

The thing that comes back to you. Time and again. If you could turn back time, and change only one thing, that would be it.

That worst thing.

God knows everything about us. Everything.

Even the things we don’t tell ourselves. The things we don’t want to know. The things we’d like to forget.

Even that worst thing.

In the face of that, knowing each of us better than we know ourselves. With intimate and complete knowledge of everything about us. At our very worst. Look at God’s response.

With open arms, God calls each of us.

God calls you. By name.

In case you ever wondered how much God loves you.

At your darkest.png