The most Catholic thing ever

This Sunday's Gospel picks up from last Sunday's Gospel. It's the next part of the bread of life discourse. Where Jesus calls Himself the bread of life.

Jesus talks about that part of Exodus (last Sunday’s first reading), where God's people are fed with bread from heaven. So the obvious thing, what we would expect, would be for Jesus to connect His own miracles of feeding to God's miracles of feeding in the Old Testament. 

But that’s not what Jesus does. Instead, Jesus makes the connection. To Himself. 

By calling Himself the bread of life.

When people get confused and upset by this, Jesus tells them exactly what He means. 

No parables. No comparisons. No “what I really meant to say was…”

Jesus gets literal. And drops the most Catholic thing ever. 

Even more Catholic than this guy. 

Pope Francis with cross.png

More on this tomorrow.

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