Seeing it for the first time

For whatever reason, I almost never use the front door.

The other day, I used the front door to bring something bulky inside. I happened to look up as I was coming in. And it was like seeing everything for the first time.

It was all of the same stuff. Nothing had changed. But from that unfamiliar perspective, I saw things I hadn’t really noticed before.

Open front door.png

Sunday’s first reading feels kind of familiar. Even if we’ve never heard it before. Because it calls to mind so many things in the Gospels.

All the parables about feasts. The finest food for the poorest people. Servants seeking guests to come and eat.

Sunday’s first reading shows us all of that. Stuff we’ve seen so many times that we don’t really notice a lot of the details.

But this time, it’s from a different perspective. God’s.

Suddenly, everything comes into focus. And we see things we hadn’t really noticed before.

Especially with Sunday’s Gospel. 

More on this Thursday.

Sunday’s Readings