Sunday’s second reading is more of what we’ve come to expect from St. Paul. A bunch of “thou shalt nots.” Why is St. Paul so fond of telling people “no” and “don’t?” 

Because St. Paul knows something about us. Something you and I don’t like to admit.

It sounds super angsty to say it. But it’s still true. 

We’re empty inside.

Empty box.png

St. Paul knows something else about us. That we will try to fill that emptiness. With just about anything. 

And St. Paul doesn’t want us to get hurt trying to stuff it full of things that were never meant to be there. That’s the “why” behind all of St. Paul’s “no’s” and “don’ts.” 

St. Paul’s got one more the thing to share about us. The thing that will fill that emptiness? It’s not something. 

It’s someone. 

More on this tomorrow.

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