A moment before the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday’s Gospel is part 3 of 4, in a series of readings. Picking up from last Sunday, it’s the next part of the bread of life discourse.

This Sunday is the part where things get hard. 

People are confused about what Jesus means by calling Himself the bread of life.

So Jesus tells them exactly what He means. And now they’re really upset. 

When it comes to the Gospels, Jesus’ explanation of the whole “bread of life” thing is the most Catholic thing ever. 

Even more than Mary. Or the Pope. This is the thing that marks us out as different from just about all other Christians. 

Because we take Jesus at His word. 

We hear Him say “amen, amen I say to you.” And it can mean only one thing. This is no allegory.

Jesus is speaking literally.