Years ago, when I was trying to avoid God’s call to holy orders, I went to a discernment weekend hosted by a seminary.

The workshops and talks were pretty forgettable. Except for one.

It was a talk given by an auxiliary bishop. He talked about all of the things that needed to be done in the Church.

Good and holy things. The Mass. Corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Things Jesus told us to do, like feeding the hungry and visiting the sick.

Needful things. Like taking care of the buildings. Wise choices like fixing small things now to prevent larger problems later. Not to mention the emergencies you can’t prevent.

Other things. Things we might like to avoid. Like the politics of the parish. The politics of the larger Church. And even scandals.

He labeled these, and other things, as the dangers of the Church. And he was right.

Because it’s far too easy to get busy with these things. To get distracted. To lose our way in all of these things.

For us to become so caught up in all of the things, that we lose sight of what those things really are.

Signposts. Pointing us to the One who is the reason we came here in the first place.

Jesus sign.png