The "Why"

You come home, and this is waiting for you. 

Puppy with bowl.png

One look at those big brown eyes and you race to fill the dog's dish. Now the happiest dog in the world can't decide whether to eat dinner or lick your face. He just made your day. 

Or your mom bugs you. And bugs you. And bugs you. Until finally, grudgingly, just-to-get-her-to-shut-up-for-5-minutes, you fill the dog's dish.

You end up doing the same thing. 

But the "why" makes all the difference. 

In Sunday's Gospel, Jesus calls out the Pharisees (again) for what they're doing. Not that they're doing anything bad. Jesus is calling them out for their "why." They've forgotten why they do what they do. 

Their observances aren't the signposts they’re supposed to be. Pointing them back to God in the middle of the busyness of life.

Much less offerings to God. Given out of love. 

What was supposed to call them (and others) back to God – now it’s just stuff they do to feel superior.

The "why" makes all the difference. 

More on this tomorrow. 

Sunday’s Readings