So it happened. Again. 

I lost the charger for my phone. And had to buy another one. Again. 

What is this, the 4th one? 5th maybe? However many it is, I know the reason why. 

There's stuff everywhere, mostly junk. So much that I can't find what I need. It's past time. I need some hardcore de-junkification. 

Housekeeping style.png

Sunday's second reading is all about consequences. 

If I fill myself with junk - like jealousy and selfishness - I will be a mess. 

But if I fill myself with what ought to be there, what I actually need (St. James calls it the wisdom from above), I will be at peace. 

It sounds simple. But it's harder than it looks. Because it's easy to fill yourself up with junk, especially if you're not paying attention. 

If I'm honest, I need some hardcore de-junkification. 

More on this tomorrow.

Sunday’s Readings