Let go, and let God

A Moment before the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday’s first reading is a warning. 

When we live out our relationship with God, some people will be drawn to us. But others will see us as a threat. How do we handle that? 

We can try to deal with it on our own. Or we can do it God’s way. 

By focusing on God. So we can let go, and let God handle it. 

Which is the point of both the second reading and the Gospel. 

If we focus on God and our relationship with God, James shows us the peace that comes from that focus.

It’s not the fragile peace of a problem-free moment. Waiting to be shattered by the next thing that happens.

But God’s powerful, active peace. In the middle of our problems.

It’s a peace that doesn’t depend on us. Because it comes from God abiding with us, even during life’s worst. With a calm that can only come from the One who knows our problems better than we do.

If God’s peace is what you want, it’s there for you. 

And the Gospel? It’s the road map. It’s Jesus showing us what it takes to let go, and let God handle it.

Let Go.png