Get out of God’s way

A Moment before the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In Sunday's first reading, God calls Eldad and Medad. But they mess it up. They aren’t there when the Holy Spirit comes to rest on everyone else. 

And yet God works through them too. 

In Sunday’s Gospel, someone the Apostles don’t know is doing God’s work. Jesus is fine with it. Because God is working through them too. 

What Jesus is more concerned about? Making sure the Apostles get out of God’s way.

All of this really points towards the question that you and I need to be asking: Am I doing what God has called me to do? 

If I am, then God will take care of the rest. I just need to do my part, to let God work through me too. 

And then get out of God’s way.

Something tells me God can handle things just fine. 

Get out of Gods way.png