What's wrong with the Church?

What’s wrong with the Church?

Me. I am exactly what’s wrong with the Church.

Every time I take my eyes off Jesus.

Every time, with the best of intentions, I go do what I think needs to be done.

Instead of asking God. Handing over my idea, prayerfully waiting for God to show me what to do. And how to do it His way.

Every time I speak without listening.

Instead of keeping my heart open to God, letting His words guide me and be mine.

Every time I protect my carefully crafted delusions of perfection.

Instead of seeing the needs of others, and binding their wounds.

Every time I love things and use people.

Instead of loving the people that God sends my way, the ones who trust that His deacon will be there for them.

Every time I take my eyes off Jesus.

If you want to know how things got this bad, that’s the recipe. Just do it consistently.

Never let someone’s needs call you back to God. Never let their grief cut through your personal BS.

Never confess your sins.

Never beg God for yet another do-over.

Over time, the damage that you to other people and to the Church (and to yourself) will be horrifying.

Ruined church 2.png