Judging on appearances

You’re in line at the grocery store. 

Grocery store line.png

Behind (apart from physical abuse) the worst mother in the world. When she’s not ignoring her kids, she’s snapping at them for getting out of hand. And she’s even nastier to the clerk. 

But maybe she’s not always like this. 

Maybe she’s rushing home after work. Maybe she just picked up the kids from daycare. And she’s trying to get them dinner. Before she drops them off with her mom and heads back to the hospital. 

Maybe those bags under her eyes are because she’s been up the last 3 nights with her husband at the hospital. The cancer they thought was in remission has come back. And the treatments don’t seem to be doing anything. 

We can’t always tell just by looking. 

And that’s what Sunday’s second reading points us towards. 

Are we judging based on appearances, on what we think we know? 

More on this Thursday.

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