It's personal

At your favorite restaurant, you order your usual. The server is really busy and barely has time to take your order.

Server in a hurry.png

When you get your usual, there’s nothing wrong with it. But it’s nothing like last time. 

Last time, the server took her time. Found out just how you like it. When you got it, you knew she had talked to the cook. It wasn’t just another one.

It was yours, it was personal. 

In Sunday’s gospel, Jesus heals a man who is deaf and who has a speech impediment. 

But notice how Jesus does it. Jesus takes him aside. Focuses on him, and the problems that he is having. This isn’t just another healing. 

It’s his healing, it’s personal. 

Which tells us a lot about Jesus, and how Jesus works. With Jesus, none of us are just another one.

With Jesus, it’s personal. 

More on this tomorrow. 

Sunday’s Readings