You are His Beloved

A Moment before the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Last Sunday we saw the beginning of God’s relationship with His people, His beloved. This Sunday's first reading shows us God’s view of that relationship. 

Which can sound a little scary at first. Because the reading is full of stuff about vindication and recompense. But it's not what we might think. It's God's version of vindication and recompense. 

It’s how God makes things right. Not by striking anyone down. But by making His beloved whole. 

And Sunday’s Gospel? It shows us what that means in practice. 

When Jesus heals the man, Jesus takes him aside.  Jesus focuses on him and what he’s dealing with. Jesus doesn’t heal him as part of some crowd of “His beloved.” 

He is the beloved. Jesus heals him. 

Which tells us a lot about God.

God isn’t content with knowing us at a distance. Or knowing us as just another a member of a group. God became one of us, to be with each one of us.

Because with God, it’s personal.

You are His beloved. 

Beloved heart.png