Be who God is calling you to be

In today’s Gospel, people have all kinds of expectations for John the Baptist.

Their questions give it away. Some of them have pretty amazing ideas about him. Some of them think the worst. None of them get it right.

But look at how John responds. To all of them.

No matter whether it’s people who like him, hoping he’ll meet their expectations. Or people who hate him, hoping to tear him down.

He’s saying the same thing. Over and over.

Why? Because John knows who he is in God’s eyes. And John knows what God has called him to do.

That’s why John the Baptist is such a powerful witness. His message rings true. And lives are changed.

Because John is busy. Busy being who God called him to be.

That’s why John is the perfect example for us as we start this New Year.

Do you want your New Year’s resolutions to really mean something? Do you want to look back from December, and be amazed at what you have done this year?

Then follow John’s lead.

Take the time to know, to really know, deep in your heart just who you are in God’s eyes.

You are someone who God loves. So much that if you were the only one who needed it, Christmas, and the road to Calvary that follows Christmas, still would have happened.

Just for you.

Take the time to listen, to really listen to God, to know what God has called you to do.

And then get busy. Not with people who want you to meet their expectations. Or people who want to tear you down.

But busy being who God is calling you to be.

Not by yourself. But with God.

If you let Him, God will be with you. Every step of the way.

Do it.

I can’t wait to see what God does in your life this year!

Be who God is calling you to be.png