I’ve known both them professionally for over 20 years.  

Until last week, I had never seen them together. They’ve got different last names.

I knew they were both married. I just didn’t know it was to each other.

So when I bumped into them together last week, and finally figured it out, I was stunned.

We’ve all seen people who are perfect together. Marriages that make perfect sense.

Theirs isn’t one of them. They are so very different. In so many ways.

Yet to watch them, it was obvious. To her, he was it. In his eyes, she was the one and only.

Today’s first reading starts with an odd word. “Beloved.”

It’s odd, because St. John is using “beloved” as a noun. As a proper name.

One that’s addressed to you and me, to each one of us.


To let us know how God sees things. How God sees each one of us.

In God’s eyes, you are it.

To God, you are the one and only.

Not because you and God are perfect together. Because you’re so great. Or because of something you’ve done to deserve it.

Even if there’s something you’re ashamed of. Something you’d rather forget. Something you pray no one ever puts it online.

None of that will change how God sees you.

Because in God’s eyes, you are the beloved.

You are God's beloved.png