A Moment before the 4th Sunday in Lent

This weekend, you may see part of RCIA at Mass – the second of the 3 Scrutinies.  Unlike last Sunday, where the Creed was presented to the people preparing to join the Church, this Sunday doesn’t have a presentation.  The focus this weekend is on the heart of the God found in that Creed. 

The Old Testament reading (1 Samuel) shows Samuel anointing a new king.  Samuel thinks he knows the ones that God would want to be the king by their appearance.  But as Samuel finds out, God doesn’t look at appearances.  God looks into the heart. 

The Gospel (John) is about a man who was born blind.  It opens with a perspective on life that says we get what we deserve, a judgment of worth based on appearances, and a question about whose bad deeds (the man or his parents) were to blame for him being blind.   

Jesus’ answer to that question is powerful.  Instead of bothering with blame, Jesus simply helps the man.  Which speaks volumes about the heart of God.