A Moment before the 4th Sunday of Easter

With all the decorations, flowers, and white you-name-it, everything’s still super Easter-y in church.  Why?  Easter Sunday was three weeks ago. 

Because there's more to the Resurrection than just Easter Sunday.  And the Resurrection isn’t just about Jesus and what he does after Easter Sunday.  The impact of the Resurrection starts with Jesus and spreads everywhere. 

The first reading (Acts) shows what this means for Peter.  After the impact of the Resurrection (and the Ascension and Pentecost – it’s a total package), the guy with no filter is a changed man.  Instead of just blurting stuff out, Peter is speaking about Jesus with a clarity and authority that we’ve never seen before. 

Well if this is all about the impact of the Resurrection, then what’s the point of the Good Shepherd (the Gospel)?  That’s pre-Easter stuff, why is it here?  To clue us in to the fact that the Resurrection (and the Ascension and Pentecost) shows us the deeper meaning of all of the “pre-Easter stuff.”   

Readings for Sunday: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/042615.cfm