A Moment Before the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday’s Gospel and Old Testament readings share some important things.  That the invitation is open to all is clear from both the Old Testament and the Gospel.  The readings also share a focus on the kingdom of heaven, and a common trajectory with the invitation into that kingdom - the promise made in the Old Testament is fulfilled in the Gospel. 

In addition to being fulfilled, the Gospel tells us something about the nature of that invitation by the location where Jesus has his conversation with the Canaanite woman – in a different country with a different culture.  It tells us that this is not just an open door, this is an active search.  Jesus goes where she can be found.


That Jesus actively sought out the Canaanite woman puts a different light on their exchange.  When you hear the Gospel this weekend, keep in mind that Jesus is the outsider in her culture.  Listen for the warmth and the wit on both sides of the exchange, and what it tells us about the love and compassion of the Savior who seeks.