We have no idea who's getting an accordion.

There are people who think the Church is in the business of condemning people to Hell.  It's not.  And it would be completely contrary to Jesus’ teachings if it were (see Matthew 7:1-2 for all of Jesus' actual statement).  

But even if the Church was supposed to be in the business of condemning people, then its present non-efforts could only be seen as an epic failure. 

After all, the Church has a process to figure out if someone is in Heaven, keeps a list of who is, and celebrates them throughout the year - the saints.  The Church also says the list is not complete, and that there are lots more people in Heaven we don't even know about.  Which would be the point of All Saints’ Day. 

But the Church has no way of figuring out who is in Hell and no interest in keeping a list of the condemned. 

This makes sense given Sunday’s Gospel, where Jesus tells us just who Hell was prepared for (hint - it isn't people), which tells us a lot about the King who will be doing the judging.  More on this tomorrow.