Why not Admiral General?

In contrast to Sunday’s Old Testament reading (search and rescue), the Epistle (1 Corinthians) sounds a lot more like what you would expect for Christ “the King.”  Full of king-type images, it’s got lots of destruction, “enemies under his feet,” and “everything subjected to him” stuff.  But given the revolutionaries and would-be kings we’ve seen over the last hundred years or so, this isn’t a very appealing picture.  

It’s almost a cliché.  A country is falling apart under a brutal/corrupt government.  A charismatic figure rises up, unites the people, and overthrows the old regime with lavish promises of improvement and democracy. 

After a few months/years, the “beacon of hope” that led the revolution declares himself “president for life,” “protector of the people” (and a bunch of other stuff), and the whole thing starts all over again. 

But that’s not how Christ (as King) works at all.  What’s Christ conquering?  Everything that separates us from God and all of the good that God intends for each of us (including death).  And what happens after the conquest?  Christ gives it all away, to God.   

Christ the King – he’s not just another Admiral General.  More on this tomorrow.