Merry Christmas! HO! HO…no, not just yet.

This Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent.  Advent being that season where the Church desperately tries to keep itself from putting up the Christmas decorations and singing Christmas carols while waiting for Christmas (“Purple.  Not red and green, purple.  Guys.”).  At least that what it seems like.  

Actually, waiting for Christmas is kind of what Advent’s all about.  But not in the sense of being a kid and hoping that somebody got you an amazing Christmas present (exactly what you always wanted), vibrating with anticipation, obsessively focused on the thing that you hope you are going to get.

But it’s also not the kind of wait that you have in the dentist’s office, whiling away the hours reading articles in back issues of magazines you didn’t know existed (“Ooh, 'The future of feline orthodontics,' part 3 of an 8 part series…”) so you can get something done to you that is (if you think about it) kind of scary.  

So what kind of wait is it?  It's a little like waiting for the dentist, in that what you are waiting for is (if you think about it) kind of scary.  And it's a little like waiting for an amazing Christmas present, in that it is completely worth the wait.  More on this tomorrow. 

Readings for Sunday: