A Moment before the 5th Sunday of Easter

This Sunday focuses on the aftermath of Easter, showing us more of how the impact of the Resurrection ripples out from Easter Sunday and into the world. 

The first reading (Acts) is all about Saul and the impact of the Resurrection on him.  The infamous persecutor of Christians is now asking to join the disciples.  The change in him is so complete and so life-altering that at first the disciples don’t believe it. 

The Gospel (John) is all about vines and branches.  Jesus uses the images to explain the closeness of the relationship that he wants to have with each of us.  To let us know just how completely we can rely on him. 

Taken together, the Gospel shows us what it takes for life-altering changes like what we see in the first reading to happen.  And the first reading shows us the kind of impact that living this Gospel will have in our lives, if we’re wise enough to let it. 

Readings for Sunday: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/050315.cfm