All Souls' Day

The first reading for All Souls (Wisdom) speaks to our fear of the unknown, of what happens after we die.  It does that by telling us what God has planned for us.  Paired with the 23rd Psalm, it lets us know that wherever we go, we don’t have to go alone - God is always with us.  

The Gospel for All Souls (John) tells us that no matter what we’ve done and how bad we think we are, God will not reject us if we come to Him.  God won’t turn us away (even if we didn’t get it together until the last minute).  God is eagerly waiting for us to make the effort and ask. 

But, just like Saturday night’s trick or treating, you have to make the effort and ask. 

After all, when was the last time you saw someone chasing after trick or treaters with a bowl of candy?