All they have is "no."

We’ve all got that someone in our life who is all about “no.”   

It doesn’t matter what it is.  They can tell you what’s wrong with it. Why it won’t work. And why you can’t do it.  

But don’t ask them for help to make it work.  Because all they have is “no.”  Which is why we try to avoid them whenever possible.  

negative people

Too often, you and I are that someone – for God.

Whether it comes from our past, or from fear, or pride, you and I are completely capable of turning into the people in today’s first reading.  All it takes is one small, unthinking change.  Instead of focusing on God, focus on “no.”  Why it won’t work.  Why we can’t do it. 

When we do, “no” quickly becomes automatic.  Our unthinking response.  To everything and everyone.  Including God.   

Without really meaning to, we close ourselves off from each other.  And from God.  And become the very people we try to avoid. 

To keep that from happening, it all hangs on one thing.  Who we focus on.  

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