Not just Catholic trivia

Today is the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.  Which is a fancy way of referring to the finding of the True Cross in 326 A.D. by St. Helena, the mother of Constantine (the Roman Emperor who legalized Christianity). 

Okay, but why is everything in the church red?  On a Monday?  After all, there are all sorts of important events in 2,000+ years of Christian history that don’t even get remembered, much less a yearly feast. 

In addition to being part of Catholics’ unfair advantage in trivia quizzes (“I’ll take ‘Ancient Archaeologists’ for $400.”),

one of the reasons this shows up is the same reason why we make such a big deal about the relics of saints. 

It reminds us that our faith isn’t about “once upon a time.”  Our faith is about what actually happened, including God’s direct interruption into human history. 

Readings for the Exaltation of the Cross